Collective Capital Philanthropy

Who We Serve

We provide you personalized guidance, tools, and resources to enhance a holistic, values-aligned approach to your charitable giving. Our approach integrates your own values, lived experiences, time horizon, and aligns with community priorities, voice, knowledge and action.

Community-Centered Philanthropy

Community members and those closest to the most-pressing issues are best suited to drive local solutions. At Collective Capital, we build authentic relationships that honor community-driven development.

Whether building partnerships in your local community
or working in partnership with communities across the globe…

Our ethos remains the same.

We support locally-driven and locally-led solutions.

Charitable giving can seem complex and challenging to navigate in a way that enhances our collective well-being and builds a more equitable world.

As wealth inequality continues to rise and the needs to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for all increase, decisions about where and how to give most effectively can feel overwhelming. Our guidance gives purpose to your philanthropic decisions in a way that reflects your personal principles and commitment to the change you want to see in the world.

Developing a Practice of Learning & Action

Our focus is on transformational philanthropy.

Whatever your passion, we ask questions that spark curiosity and cultivate a practice of learning and meaningful action. Clarifying your “why” and “how” will maximize your personal giving experience as well as to those to whom you are giving.

Whether adopting a personal approach to giving is new to you, or whether you have been practicing effective giving for decades, we offer guidance that will align your values with your practices, renew and clarify goals and enhance the way you give.