Collective Capital Philanthropy

Our Services

  • Advisory Services

    • Private Client 1-1 engagement
    • Family Engagement & Facilitation
    • Peer-Based Applied Learning
    • Funder Collaboratives and Giving Circle Facilitation & Support
    • Foundation Governance, Strategy and Grant Support
  • Donor Education and Engagement

    • Private Client: Customized Donor Education
    • Peer-Based Curated Retreats, Workshops and Purpose-Centered Experiences
    • Facilitating Family Philanthropy : Creating Meaningful & Enriching Engagements
  • Research and Analysis

    • Research : Funding, Granting, Compliance, Process and Practices Support
    • Research & Analysis: Case Specific Research, Analysis and Reporting
  • Community Impact Coaching

    • Community Relationship Building for Impact
    • Funder Network and Collaborative Funds Support
    • Impact Assessments and Metrics

Our Current Offerings 

Our Approach 

We facilitate courageous and meaningful conversations that lead to transformative action.

Our bespoke approach is specifically designed to meet your needs. We listen to your aspirations, goals and challenges. We identify a personalized plan together, and seek out the most effective solutions utilizing both qualitative and data-driven methods to allow you to step into your full potential.

Our Collective Capital Process provides a broader lens to explore the breadth of your philanthropy, providing a deeper introspection into charitable motivation, approach, and impact.

Our work is grounded in:

- practices of deep listening

- community voice as a guide for the most effective solutions

- principles of equity, justice and solidarity

- providing practical guidance towards measurable results & greatest impact

- inspiring the joys of giving



Engage in thought provoking dialogue and inquiry, build your contemplative leadership skills and explore best practices.


Examine what enough looks like for you, your loved ones and future generations. Explore how money narratives and scripts inform your behavior, and how an abundance mindset shifts priorities and perspective in your philanthropy.



Experience renewed energy and deeper understanding as you gain skills, tools and techniques. Activate your plan with intention, clarity and focus.



Embrace the impact of your clarified philanthropic plan and the contributions to communities.

How we Work

We love transparency as much as you do, so our fee structure is simple & straight forward. We operate on a fee-based consultancy structure, with different options to accommodate the varying levels of support desired, which is dependent on the depth, breadth and complexity of your needs. We are paid directly by you, the client.